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Analysis and Prediction for Lion City Sailors vs. Balestier Khalsa Match

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  • Analysis and Prediction for Lion City Sailors vs. Balestier Khalsa Match

    In the previous season, Lion City Sailors finished in the 2nd position, but they narrowly missed the championship as they dropped points in crucial matches. This year, the home team is putting in a lot of effort to claim the title.

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    In their most recent friendly match against the famous club Tottenham Hotspur, Lion City Sailors suffered a 1-5 defeat. The players of Lion City Sailors also did not give their all as they had to focus on the championship race.

    On the other hand, after securing victories in 4 consecutive matches, Balestier Khalsa unexpectedly stumbled against Hougang United FC with a 1-3 score. Currently, the away team is positioned just behind the home team but is trailing by 9 points.

    In the recent 10 encounters between the two clubs, Lion City Sailors have been dominant, winning 7 matches and earning all 3 points, while the away team only managed to secure 1 victory. With the advantage of playing at their home ground, the home team is likely to find joy in this match.

    Betting Odds for Lion City Sailors vs. Balestier Khalsa:

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    Asian Handicap: The home record of Lion City Sailors this season is impressive, with only 1 loss and 8 wins in their last 10 matches. Along with a stronger squad and a superior head-to-head record, they are likely to secure 3 points in this match. However, with a 2 1/4 handicap, choosing the under bet might be a safer option.

    Pick: Balestier Khalsa +2 1/4 for the whole match.

    Over/Under: Both teams have shown good goal-scoring records this season, with the home team averaging 2.7 goals per match, while the away team averages 2.5. Moreover, in the 8 previous encounters between the two teams, only 1 match had 3 goals, while the rest had at least 4 goals or more. Therefore, the Over bet is likely to hit in this match.

    Pick: Over 4 1/4 for the whole match.

    Score Prediction: Lion City Sailors 3-2 Balestier Khalsa

    Asian Handicap Pick: Choose Balestier Khalsa

    Over/Under Pick: Choose Over.

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