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Guide to Calculating Parlay Bets in Football for beginner

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  • Guide to Calculating Parlay Bets in Football for beginner

    Certainly, if you're someone who enjoys football betting, you've heard or read about parlay betting somewhere. However, you might only have a vague or inaccurate understanding of it. To engage in online parlay betting effectively, you need a clear understanding of what parlay betting is and how to calculate it. In this article, we will address all your questions about parlay betting.

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    What is Parlay Betting?
    Parlay betting, also known as combo betting, accumulator betting, or multiple betting, is a combination of two or more individual bets placed in a single wager. In simple terms, parlay betting involves placing multiple bets on different outcomes within a single betting slip.
    Parlay betting is a popular type of wager that many players favor and select due to its high potential payout. It allows players to accumulate significant profits within a short time frame. With just a small stake, players can potentially win a substantially larger amount.
    Within parlay betting, players have various options, such as single bets on individual legs (Folds or Legs), doubles (2-leg parlays), trebles (3-leg parlays), quads (4-leg parlays), folds (5-leg parlays), and more.
    Currently, parlay betting is gaining popularity in the Vietnamese market, and in the not-so-distant future, it could dominate betting markets in many other countries as well.
    The reason for the popularity of this type of bet is the odds of match-fixing or score manipulation are virtually nonexistent. Moreover, players can place bets on multiple matches simultaneously with an exceptionally high chance of winning.

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    How to Calculate Parlay Bets in Football
    Parlay betting, a renowned type of odds ratio in the betting world, attracts many players due to its potential for high profits. However, not everyone knows how to play and achieve success with it. The style of play associated with parlay bets can be challenging to comprehend and is more suited for professional and experienced bettors. Nevertheless, no one starts out knowing everything, so you can refer to the specific parlay betting calculations provided below.
    Calculating Parlay Bets for Asian Handicap – Over/Under
    Calculating parlay bets for football Asian handicaps involves the following formula: Parlay odds = System of winning bets * 1 + (System of half-won bets - 1) / 2 * ½ (if half-lost bet) * 1 (if draw) * odds factor n...
    You can understand each index in the formula as follows:
    Winning bets: The profit you gain calculated using the exponential scale.
    Any half-won bet within a parlay is calculated as: (Odds ratio - 1) divided by 2, plus 1.
    Any half-lost bet: The entire parlay factor will be divided by 2.
    Draw: Profit * 1.
    Calculating Parlay Bets for Goal Line (Over/Under) Odds
    Parlay betting based on goal line (over/under) odds is calculated using the formula: Parlay odds = system of bet ratios * 1 bet factor 2 * bet factor 3 * ….. Bet factor n.
    Here's a specific example: Playing a 3-leg parlay with a stake of 100 USD, Manchester City at odds 1.80, Chelsea at odds 1.50, and Arsenal at odds 1.66. The parlay payout ratio would be calculated as follows:
    1.80 * 1.50 * 1.66 = 4.482.
    In the scenario where one of the three teams above loses, you would lose your entire wager.
    In the event that all three teams win, your potential winnings would be 4.482 * 100 USD = 448.2 USD.

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    The above information covers everything about parlay betting in football and how to calculate parlay bets, as provided by Wintips. We hope that with this information, you can apply it to your betting and achieve victories for yourself.