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Guide To Play Handicap in Football Betting

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  • Guide To Play Handicap in Football Betting

    Embarking on the journey of football betting, it's crucial to gather a wealth of information to grasp various types of bets. Have you learned about a widely used type of bet known as handicap betting? Let's explore it with Wintips right away!

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    What is Handicap Betting?
    Handicap betting, also known as kickoff betting, is a straightforward bet where players predict which team will take the kickoff and place their bets accordingly. This bet yields rapid results, as the outcome is determined as soon as the match begins.
    In the event of a postponed match after the kickoff, the results of the kickoff bets remain intact.
    This bet is often considered a side bet for added excitement, as players predict the team that will take the kickoff.
    Many believe that handicap betting carries a high element of risk, but bookmakers always provide statistical probabilities to enhance the winning chances of this type of bet.
    Key Principles for Playing Handicap Betting
    Experts at betting sites believe that the odds favoring the home team to take the kickoff are higher. However, it's essential not to be overly reliant on this and conduct thorough analysis of the teams to make your own decisions.
    Effective Handicap Betting Strategy: The Doubling Method with Small Stakes
    In this strategy, players select either the home or away team to take the kickoff. Next, they gradually increase the stake until a victory is achieved, then reset the stake to the initial amount.
    The maximum limit for increasing the stake is four matches, but this can be adjusted based on the available capital. Players with larger budgets can choose to increase the stake even more. You can employ the doubling method or the half-doubling method to maximize profits from the initial kickoff bet.

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    Experienced Handicap Betting Tips
    The following compilation of tips and insights for playing handicap betting will serve as a stepping stone toward becoming a skilled bettor:
    Choose the Home Team
    According to the opinions of many players, the majority believe that selecting the home team to take the kickoff yields a higher chance of winning in handicap betting. Whether due to luck or other factors, the home team generally has an advantage.
    The home team not only has the potential to take the kickoff, but they also enjoy more advantages such as penalties, corners, etc. For a simple kickoff betting scenario, you can opt for the home team.
    Analyze the Handicap Odds
    Before selecting a handicap betting option, it's essential to thoroughly research the odds for the two teams to take the kickoff. While playing handicap bets involves an element of luck, researching the information between the two teams beforehand can be beneficial.
    Implement the Doubling Strategy
    Employing the doubling strategy with a lower capital is a tactic many players use for handicap betting. First, you need to determine whether the home or away team will take the kickoff.
    Subsequently, you gradually increase the stake until a victory is achieved, then revert to the initial stake amount. The maximum limit for increasing the stake is four matches, and it can be adjusted based on your available capital.

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    Through this Wintips article, you've gained insights into handicap betting, along with guidelines for placing effective and lucrative kickoff bets. Hopefully, this will help you make informed evaluations of matches. Wishing you the best of luck!